When the money runs out and the installments do not wait

In the previous episode, we advised you on how to reduce household costs. Today’s 5 tips will be used primarily by those who need not only to reduce spending but also to increase revenue.

Once again, we have one general tip to get you started – never pay for your loan with another loan. You would risk falling into a debt trap and much more trouble

Work overtime

If your job allows, ask your supervisor for extra work. You can work as overtime or receive more shifts for a certain period of time. When your employer sees your efforts to solve problems , she will certainly be helpful.

Tip: You might consider asking for a salary increase in this situation. But it is always better to first offer the employer more work and show him that you deserve more money.


If your work does not allow overtime , find a temporary job. For example, many people distribute leaflets or earn some seasonal work, such as selling ice cream at a swimming pool.

Tip: You can find a wide range of temporary jobs at or Prá But do not just search the Internet – some merchants post demand for temporary workers in the shop windows of their stores.

Inspiration for ladies: housewives

Busy women often seek out cleaning, ironing or babysitting, and you can earn good money. This is not a difficult job and is usually well paid.

Tip: If you are a dog lover, you can register in the Doginni database. Employed owners will then pay you to go with their dogs for walks or leave them with you overnight.

Inspiration for gentlemen: hourly husband

The so-called hourly husbands are skilled men who can repair the dripping tap, paper and add a new shelf. If you are one of these, believe that less skilled individuals will pay you for your skill.

Tip: Post your ad on a message board in your house or nearby store. Hourly husbands are most often hired by retired women who do not have internet.

Own advertisement

You can also submit your own advertisement for other activities. It does not matter whether you make jewelry or offer tutoring of Czech and mathematics. The extra income will probably only be in the order of hundreds of crowns, but even that is better than nothing.

Tip: Post your offer in your local store, on the internet, and on Facebook and ask friends to share. Personal recommendation is the most powerful weapon.