How much money can I earn by having a savings account in the financial system?

Security is not the only reason why your savings should be in the financial system. One of the most important aspects of savings accounts has to do with the interest rate offered. Just as you pay interest to the bank when using your credit card or requesting a loan, it is the bank (or any other financial entity) that pays interest to you when you deposit your money, as you allow it to be managed so that it continues to grow.

Relatively low interest rates

It is common for banks to have relatively low interest rates, this because they offer other benefits and facilities that make them equally attractive; however, many times they launch specific campaigns in which they increase interest or create a new product, and it is worth doing the calculations to know if it suits you.

On the other hand, the banks, cooperatives and financial institutions, usually have very attractive rates and have the supervision of the ABC, so there is nothing to fear. In that sense, it is important to compare the alternatives to verify where you could get more interest. But how does the calculation work?

Obtain the interest rate

What you should do is obtain the interest rate, information that you can verify in each bank, or obtain all the rates available in the market directly through the Good Finance savings comparator.

According to this, if you have an average balance of 3 thousand soles, that is, throughout the year your balance will be around 3 thousand, the interest earned will be s / .135 (3000 x 4.5 / 100). Then, just by leaving your money in the bank instead of saving it under the mattress, you will get that profit. The best thing is that with savings accounts you can use the money when you need it, without any problem. Although the idea is that you do not do it and continue saving.

What other options are available? The The Good Bank with the Bruno Savings Account offers an annual rate of 4.25%, which, according to the previous example, would give an interest of s / .127.50. On the other hand, the Financial Trust, through the Word of Women Savings account, also grants a rate of 4.25% .

Minimum opening amount

Finally, do not forget that a point to consider is the minimum opening amount and the balance balance, that is, the minimum amount you must have in the account to avoid being charged maintenance. If you are thinking of opening your savings account, compare the alternatives in Good Finance.